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Dr. Momjian Joins KABC To Discuss Death After Chiropractic Procedure

Oct 10, 2016

Dr. Momjian was a guest on KABC‘s news broadcast again recently, in his recurring role as a physician expert. An experienced and thoughtful family physician, Dr. Momjian has a unique insight into the risks and challenges that families face when managing their health care. Chiropractic visits are a common and popular way to relieve back discomfort, but are there hidden dangers with these procedures?


Recently, widely beloved model Katie May tragically passed away after a chiropractic adjustment, causing a massive amount of attention to be focused on the chiropractic field and its risks. Dr. Momjian was asked by the KABC 7 news team about the realities of the risks and benefits associated with chiropractic visits. Below, watch Dr. Momjian’s comments on this situation, as well as what you and your family need to know before seeking out a chiropractic procedure.