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Dr. Momjian Will Speak At Glendale Tech Week

Aug 8, 2016


UPDATE, 9/13: Dr. Momjian is featured in Los Angeles Times’ coverage of Glendale Tech Week.

Glendale Tech Week, which begins on September 14, is one of our community’s many examples of forward thinking and economic partnership. This week-long itinerary of events and speakers includes none other than Urgent 9 founder, Dr. Manuel Momjian.

The Future of Healthcare

One of the things that differentiates Dr. Momjian from his peers is his affinity for cutting edge treatments and technology. Central to Dr. Momjian’s philosophy is the idea that the medical field needs to continue growing, learning, and evolving in order to meet the needs of 21st century patients. That’s why Urgent 9 has become a local leader in areas such as virtual visits, on-site imaging, and even pricing policy.


In the past, we’ve used this blog to look at how virtual visits are re-shaping the healthcare landscape. Virtual visits are an example of an idea with obvious benefits, but one that seems almost futuristic or far away from being implemented. Yet, Dr. Momjian is actually using this technology regularly to improve both patient access as well as the efficiency of his practice. These virtual visits (or “telemedecine” as it’s sometimes called) have already made a very real impact in the lives of many patients who were able to achieve a consultation with their doctor far more quickly and conveniently than in the past.


About Glendale Tech Week

Glendale Tech Week is an event that seeks to highlight the things about our community that are innovative and that push us to become a more efficient and successful society. What better place is there to shine a spotlight on the future of healthcare in our country? Dr. Momjian plans to address the Glendale Tech Week crowds in a lecture that focuses on the bright future of medicine.


The reality is that events like these are often how real change is enacted in the healthcare field. Positive changes and advances don’t only come from the top-down, such as in a policy mandate or sweeping decision. Instead, what often moves the ball forward in medicine is community doctors being inquisitive and forward-thinking in their practice, and then sharing the results of their experiences with their peers.┬áDr. Momjian is already respected in his field for doing exactly that, which is why he is a featured speaker at Glendale Tech Week on September 15th.


For more information about Glendale Tech Week, be sure to check out their website!