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Tips for Packing a First-Aid Kit for Travel to A Foreign Country

Jun 6, 2016

Tips for Packing a First-Aid Kit for Travel to A Foreign Country

The hot summer season is finally here, and that means it is time to start making vacation plans. No matter where you’re thinking about going, it is always important to be prepared with a plan ahead of time for any possible emergencies that could come up, especially if you’re headed to a foreign country. Foreign travel is exciting, but it can also be dangerous for unprepared or inexperienced travelers who run into trouble. Minor health emergencies can quickly turn serious without the proper supplies. Read on for some important travel tips and more information on what to bring in a first-aid kit to make your trip safer. 


Stomach Ailments 

Foreign cuisine doesn’t always settle well in the stomach, for many reasons. Certain ingredients or flavors might not be ones that you’re used to, and you never know how your body will react. Also, depending on what area of the world you’re traveling to, some countries do not have our high standards of cleanliness for food preparation. If possible, try to stick with more reputable looking restaurants when it is time to eat, and bring along a bottle with a built-in filter to use for any water that you drink. Food poisoning might still occur though, so one of the top things on your first aid kit list of supplies should be activated charcoal. It is one of the best food poisoning remedies available. You might also want to include other types of gastritis home remedies such as peppermint or baking soda capsules, too. 


Insect Bites 

With the current spread of the Zika virus, bringing insect repellant on a trip to a foreign country is a must. Bug sprays will minimize your risk of insect bites, but they can’t completely prevent them. So, be sure to bring some insect bite remedies. Some remedies that are both effective and inexpensive include: 

  • Tea tree drops
  • Chamomile tea bags
  • Witch-hazel wipes


Cuts and Scrapes 

Pack both small and medium sized bandages in your kit. To save space, choose some that have topical wound care medication built into them. You will also need alcohol wipes to clean any cuts or scrapes, so that they don’t get infected. 

Always talk to your doctor before you travel to a foreign country to be sure you are healthy enough to make the trip. Also, ask them if there are any immunizations that you will need to get before you leave. Lastly, a first-aid kit is not enough for serious medical emergencies, so be sure to get to a hospital right away if you need further treatment. For more medical information, you can always book an appointment with an online doctor through Urgent 9.