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What Is “Suero”?

May 5, 2017


If you’re familiar with traditions from Latin America, you’ve probably heard of “suero” before. Loosely translated as “serum,” this formula is a dehydration-fighting treatment that can be administered several different ways to treat a variety of diseases and acute ailments.


What is Suero?


Suero is an electrolyte-based solution that has been a part of Latin American cultures and the Spanish-speaking world for generations. Used to combat dehydration, fatigue, and the effects of mild illnesses, the tradition of taking suero after working all day in the hot sun has existed for decades. While suero traditionally has been given as an oral formula, in recent years it has grown more popular as an IV treatment known as “suero intravenoso.”


Suero has been such an effective remedy that the United States Peace Corps has even undergone a series of medical relief missions throughout Latin America teaching communities to make it themselves. Using local ingredients, entire communities are able to create different versions of suero to help provide relief to their friends and family. Orally administered suero is often flavored, and the specific flavoring can vary traditionally from city to city.


Where Can I Get Suero?


In California, where over a third of the population is Hispanic-Latino, suero is a time-honored medicinal treatment and even a cherished nostalgic memory associated with being home. Yet, it can be difficult to find high quality suero in Los Angeles without knowing where to look. Suero intravenoso, the IV form of suero, is even more difficult to obtain reputably. This has led to many people traveling even long distances for suero, including into Mexico.


At Urgent 9, Dr. Momjian and his team have listened closely to the wants and needs of our community. Starting in 2017, Urgent 9 is proud to offer suero intravenoso (suero administered via IV) to our patients. By receiving suero at Urgent 9, you can be assured that you are receiving your treatment in a medical facility with ultra-high standards of sterilization and professionalism. And even better, you won’t have to drive long distances to receive the treatment, which can be taxing on an already ailing patient.


Have questions about suero? Drop Urgent 9 a line on social media, give us a call, or stop by today to learn more about getting suero in Glendale!