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Afraid of the Doctor? Don’t Be!

18 Feb, 2020

You should never delay getting medical attention when you need it, simply because you’re afraid of going to the doctor. Here’s why you can breathe easy!

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Dr. Momjian Explains ‘Healthy’ Felicite Tomlinson’s Heart Attack On NBC’s Extra

18 Mar, 2019

Dr. Momjian visited the set of NBC’s ‘Extra’ recently to discuss potential causes of the tragic heart attack suffered by 18-year-old Felicite Tomlinson.

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Urgent 9 Celebrates Our 10 Year Anniversary!

06 Sep, 2018

Urgent 9 is turning 10! We love caring for the Glendale community, and we’re reflecting on what being your first choice for urgent care has meant to us.

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Can Doctors Enter The Discussion About Cost Of Care?

20 Aug, 2018

Dr. Momjian pens this special editorial discussing the role of physicians in determining cost of care policy and discussion throughout the country.

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There’s No Denying It: Our Healthcare System Is In Trouble

28 Feb, 2018

Our healthcare system is in trouble, and Urgent 9 founder Dr. Manuel Momjian believes that it’s up to doctors to shoulder the responsibility of discovering a better way forward for patients.

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Glendale Fire Foundation Poker Tournament On Aug 26

09 Aug, 2017

Urgent 9 is proud to be a major sponsor for the Glendale Fire Foundation Poker Tournament on August 26, 2017. Play, join us for dinner, or volunteer!

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Don’t Use Q-Tips Inside Your Ears!

06 Jun, 2017

A common problem that people come to Urgent 9 for is ear damage from overly-aggressive Q-Tip usage. This is such a prominent health issue right now that Dr. Momjian was invited on ABC 7 news in Los Angeles to discuss the dangers of cleaning the inside of your ears.

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Dr. Momjian Writes About Virtual Visits in Glendale Hills Living Magazine

06 Feb, 2017

In Glendale Hills Living’s most recent issue, Dr. Momjian wrote an in-depth, thoughtful article about why virtual visits are an important part of the future of health care.

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Dementia Rates In America Are Declining

28 Nov, 2016

Dementia rates in Americans over the age of 65 have declined a whopping 24% in the last two decades. So, what is the cause of this encouraging news?   Good News For Baby Boomers: Declining Dementia Rates Anyone who has seen a loved one who’s┬ámentally robust and functioning normally decline into a state of┬ádementia knows […]

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What Screenings Do You Need After Age 50?

09 Nov, 2016

Age 50 is an important time in your life when it comes to changes in your medical and health approach. Certain screenings should be done regularly – here’s what you need to know.

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