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Is Inactivity A Pandemic? The World Health Organization Says Yes

11 Sep, 2018

Sedentary lifestyles are becoming more and more commonplace across the globe, leading the World Health Organization (WHO) to label the problem an official “pandemic” crisis.

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Married Couples Share Diabetes Risk

22 May, 2018

A fascinating new study may have found a connection between spouses’ BMI and their shared risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Find out what this means for your relationship, and how you can stay healthy together.

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Exercising Doesn’t Just Help You: It May Also Benefit Offspring

11 Apr, 2018

Exercising is obviously important for you to feel good and stay healthy, but a surprising new study shows that it may benefit your unborn offspring as well.

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“Fat But Fit” Is A Myth

15 Aug, 2017

Can certain obese people still have relatively healthy vitals despite their weight? A new study shows “fat but fit” is, unfortunately, a myth.

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The “Military Diet” Is The Latest Fake Weight Loss Fad

05 Jul, 2017

If you follow nutritional fads online, you’ve probably heard of the so-called “military diet” by now. There’s just one problem: the military doesn’t use it, and the diet might actually do more harm than good.

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“Biggest Loser” Coach Bob Harper Suffers Heart Attack

05 Apr, 2017

Even someone as fit as “Biggest Loser” coach Bob Harper is still susceptible to a heart attack. Here’s what you need to know about this common American affliction.

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World Kidney Day Organizers Urge Weight Management

09 Mar, 2017

Today is World Kidney Day, and the organizers behind the awareness effort are urging each and every person to do what they can to combat obesity.

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Don’t Play Around With Concussions

28 Sep, 2016

Young athletes are sometimes encouraged to keep playing even after a bit hit to the head, but concussions are nothing to play around with.

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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Workout Shoes

26 May, 2016

What do you look for when choosing just the right workout shoes? You probably pay attention to comfort and style, but what about other variables that are essential to your workout? The right pair of workout shoes can help you run an extra mile, literally! Below, are some of the best tips to help you choose the right shoes, so you can keep moving forward.

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