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Ear, Nose and Throat

Symptoms include: Sore Throat, Ear infection, Plugged Ears, Nose bleeds, Allergies and Respiratory Tract Infections.
Medical ServicesCostAdd To Payment Calculator
Complete blood count (blood test)$41
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (blood test)$53
*TSH (blood test)$49
*Free T3 (blood test)$44
*Free T4 (blood test)$38
Rapid Strep throat swab$30
Monospot testing (finger poke)$30
Ultrasound thyoid gland$250
CT sinuses/face without contrast$299
CT orbit without contast$299
CT soft tissue neck without contrast$299
Ear wash$75
Nose bleed packing$150
Rocephin intramuscular injection$50
Solu-medrol 125mg intramuscular injection$50
Toradol intramuscular injection$50
Normal Saline 1 liter of IV fluids$199

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