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Back pain, Muscle pain, Bony injury, Fall/Trauma, and joint pain
Medical Services Cost Add To Payment Calculator
Complete blood count (blood test) $60
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (blood test) $67
*Creatinine Kinase (blood test) $110
*Antinuclear Antibody (blood test) $56
*Rheumatoid Factor (blood test) $44
*ESR (blood test) $39
Urinalysis $40
Xray of any body part $130
CT of Spine or Extremity $450
Joint injection with cortisone into major joint (Knee, Shoulder, Hip) $250
Extremity splint for fracture $100
ACE Wrap (FREE) $0
*Clavicle splint $49
*Crutches $40
*Knee immobilizer $79
*Arm Sling $15
*Shoulder immobilizer $60
*Thumb spica splint $48
*Wrist brace $39
Rocephin intramuscular injection $65
Solu-medrol 125mg intramuscular injection $65
Toradol intramuscular injection $65
Normal Saline 1 liter of IV fluids $250

Use our calculator to figure out exactly how much you can expect to pay: no surprises, no overcharges, just transparent direct payment for the exact medical services you need. All tests must be approved by physician. This calculator is only a cost estimator and is not a guarantee of testing or services.

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