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Skin and Nails

Symptoms include: Skin Infection, Abscess, Laceration, Rash, Burn, Wart, Lesion, Corn, Nail hematoma and Ingrown Nail.
Medical ServicesCostAdd To Payment Calculator
Complete blood count (blood test)$41
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (blood test)$53
*TSH (blood test)$49
Repair of laceration with dermabond$150
Laceration repair (sutures)$350
Removal of foreign body (with small incision)$150
Removal of foreign body (with large incision 5mm)$350
Biopsy with pathology of skin$600
Burn care (including debridment)$150
Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen treatment)$75
Parring corn/callus$150
Parring corn/callus (>4 lesions)$350
Nail hematoma evacuation$150
Nail excision$350
*Tdap immunization$110
Rocephin intramuscular injection$50
Solu-medrol 125mg intramuscular injection$50
Toradol intramuscular injection $$50
Normal Saline 1 liter of IV fluids$199

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