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Extreme Carb Diets Might Be Shortening Your Lifespan

29 Aug, 2018

It seems like some fad diets these days are saying that you should eat almost no carbs… or that you should eat almost all carbs. As it turns out, science suggests both approaches are dangerous.

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Married Couples Share Diabetes Risk

22 May, 2018

A fascinating new study may have found a connection between spouses’ BMI and their shared risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Find out what this means for your relationship, and how you can stay healthy together.

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Exercising Doesn’t Just Help You: It May Also Benefit Offspring

11 Apr, 2018

Exercising is obviously important for you to feel good and stay healthy, but a surprising new study shows that it may benefit your unborn offspring as well.

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Smokers And Drinkers Who Like Hot Tea Have Increased Cancer Risk

07 Feb, 2018

A new study in the Annals of Internal Medicine has potentially devastating news for people who smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol every day… and also drink hot tea. Their risk for cancer appears increased.

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“Souping” Is The Hottest New Diet Trend Of 2018

30 Jan, 2018

Dieting fads come and go, but one of 2018’s most talked about new food trends might actually be good for you. It’s called “souping”, and we’re breaking down why it can work.

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Allergic To Eggs? You Can Still Get A Flu Shot.

19 Dec, 2017

In the past, people who have egg allergies were warned of potential complications that could arise from getting a flu shot. But new data and tireless research has found the risks to be far less than the benefits.

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How To Enjoy Thanksgiving Without Overeating

23 Nov, 2017

Thanksgiving is a delicious holiday that’s centered around something we all love: food! Here’s how to enjoy Thanksgiving, without overeating and feeling awful afterwards.

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Which Halloween Candy Is The Worst, Nutritionally?

31 Oct, 2017

Nutritionists have weighed in on which candy types are healthier than others, and one popular Halloween treat received the honors of being ranked dead last.

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The Truth About Drinking While Pregnant

12 Sep, 2017

Expectant mothers have received mixed messages regarding the safety of drinking alcoholic beverages on very rare occasions while pregnant. Here’s the truth about pregnancy and alcohol consumption.

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“Fat But Fit” Is A Myth

15 Aug, 2017

Can certain obese people still have relatively healthy vitals despite their weight? A new study shows “fat but fit” is, unfortunately, a myth.

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