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Should You Let Your Teen Use Social Media?

18 Jul, 2018

Once your child reaches a certain age, there’s almost a guarantee that they’ll start asking for a phone — and access to social media. Learn how to teach your teenager to view and use social media responsibly.

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Is Video Game Addiction Disorder Real?

27 Jun, 2018

The World Health Organization has officially recognized video gaming addiction as a classifiable disorder. However, not everyone agrees with their findings.

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Exercising Doesn’t Just Help You: It May Also Benefit Offspring

11 Apr, 2018

Exercising is obviously important for you to feel good and stay healthy, but a surprising new study shows that it may benefit your unborn offspring as well.

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Which Halloween Candy Is The Worst, Nutritionally?

31 Oct, 2017

Nutritionists have weighed in on which candy types are healthier than others, and one popular Halloween treat received the honors of being ranked dead last.

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Nerf Guns Are A Real Risk To Eyes

20 Sep, 2017

Nerf toy guns have been wildly popular since the 1970s. But as data accumulates, doctors are beginning to see a very real correlation between these toys and eye injury.

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The Truth About Drinking While Pregnant

12 Sep, 2017

Expectant mothers have received mixed messages regarding the safety of drinking alcoholic beverages on very rare occasions while pregnant. Here’s the truth about pregnancy and alcohol consumption.

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Is Bullying A Public Health Concern?

05 Sep, 2017

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine have identified bullying as a public health crisis. And worst of all, studies show that America might have the worst prevalence of bullying in the entire world.

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What Are The Risks For Older Fathers?

08 Aug, 2017

As medical science advances, so too does the viable age for parenthood. But what risks are present when older fathers are involved?

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