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With Tax Penalty Ending, Covered California Sees Enrollment Drop

01 Mar, 2019

Now that the tax penalty for not carrying health insurance has been removed, Covered California is seeing a sharp decline in the number of people enrolled in a plan.

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Warren Buffett Calls Health Care A “Tapeworm” On U.S. Economy

26 Mar, 2018

Warren Buffett is one of the richest people in the world, and he recently aimed his economic knowledge at one target in particular: the U.S. healthcare system, which he likened to a tapeworm.

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There’s No Denying It: Our Healthcare System Is In Trouble

28 Feb, 2018

Our healthcare system is in trouble, and Urgent 9 founder Dr. Manuel Momjian believes that it’s up to doctors to shoulder the responsibility of discovering a better way forward for patients.

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Is Universal Health Care Working In The United Kingdom?

14 Feb, 2018

Many people in the United States say they want a universal health care program such as the United Kingdom’s NHS — but is that system truly working and sustainable?

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Is Loneliness A Public Health Crisis?

23 Jan, 2018

Various studies have shown that feeling lonely — and living alone — can raise your risk of a premature death. Now, the UK is leading the world in an effort to reduce its citizens’ loneliness.

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UCLA Will Screen New Freshmen For Depression

26 Sep, 2017

UCLA already offers comprehensive lifestyle services and programs for new students — and now, they’re adding depression-specific screening to that mix.

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Microsoft Steps Into Healthcare With NExT

17 Feb, 2017

Microsoft is leveraging its substantial progress in the realm of cloud computing and artificial intelligence to leap into healthcare – as a partner.

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