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Ultrasound Examinations | Urgent Care Center | Urgent 9
Urgent 9 offers ultrasound scans for pregnancy and other screenings at a far lower cost than alternatives like hospitals.

Ultrasound Examinations

Whether it’s for a pregnancy or a health screening, Urgent 9 offers ultrasound scans at a manageable price… without all the waiting around.

A Pregnancy Ultrasound That Won’t Make You Dip Into The College Fund

Your baby ultrasound appointment should be a fun and exciting experience: not a drawn out,expensive chore. Choosing a random doctor and hoping for the stars to align between them and your insurance billing is a risky game that can end in some pretty eye-opening unexpected costs.

Instead, come to the warm and friendly Urgent 9 team for your next ultrasound: and know in advance exactly what manageable price you’ll be paying for high quality family medicine. Money saved during the prenatal period is money saved for future child expenses, or a well-earned vacation for the new parents!

At Urgent 9, our ultrasound pricing is fair, transparent, and costs a tiny fraction of a hospital visit.

Need Ultrasound Imaging In Glendale? Why Wait?

You’re busy: we know that. When you make a medical appointment, you expect to be seen reasonably close to the agreed-upon time. Yet, it seems like many doctor’s offices are overbooked or under-staffed. At Urgent 9, you won’t have the same waiting time issues you would at a hospital or a lower quality clinic.

Why not come visit our community-based family practice for your next ultrasound appointment and experience the kind of personalized, attentive care you deserve when booking an ultrasound!

Importance Of Ultrasound Scans

  • Make Sure The Baby’s HealthyA 2D ultrasound is one of the cornerstones of prenatal care. Your doctor will make sure that your child is happy and healthy in the womb.
  • Check Up On MomUltrasounds can also give indications about the future mom’s overall health during the pregnancy, as well.
  • Non-Pregnancy ReasonsUltrasound technology is also used to investigate health issues for conditions besides pregnancy, such as kidney and bladder health.

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