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X-Ray Examinations | Urgent Care & Imaging Center
At Urgent 9's state of the art urgent care center, you can get full x-ray examinations faster and more affordably than at an ER.

X-Ray Examinations

Glendale X-Ray & Imaging Center

Don’t languish in crowded waiting rooms to incur huge medical bills for a few simple x- rays. Instead, skip the ER and come straight to Urgent 9 when the need arises.

A Full X-Ray Clinic That Won’t Break The Bank

The way our healthcare system is currently set up, folks who have experienced an accident often wonder: “where can I get x-rays done in Glendale without incurring huge medical bills?”

Thanks to the fact that various insurance plans have wildly different ideas of what is (and isn’t) covered, as well as the fear of high costs for those who are uninsured, we see an unfortunate consequence: people in Los Angeles who need x-rays aren’t getting them.

The Urgent 9 team knows there’s a better way. What if there was a community x-ray and imaging center right in the heart of Glendale that charged low prices and avoided involving insurance? When you come to our urgent care center, that’s exactly what you’ll get… with no unpleasant surprises when the bill arrives.

At Urgent 9, our x-ray pricing is fair, transparent, and costs a tiny fraction of a hospital visit.

Need An X-Ray In Glendale? Skip The ER!

Have you ever sat in the emergency room’s waiting area for hours, in agony, while you waited to be admitted? Long emergency room times are no longer the exception: they’re the norm. The reality is that for non-life threatening emergencies, making yourself go through the ER experience is simply more unnecessary pain.

Instead, come to Urgent 9 if you suspect you need an x-ray after an accident. You’ll be processed and admitted way faster than in a hospital, and our imaging center is just as complete as the one down at the hospital.

Uses Of X-Rays

  • Detect Broken BonesMost famously, x-rays are used to get a clear picture of the skeletal structure to determine if a bone is fractured.
  • Spot Organ IssuesSome conditions such as pneumonia can be revealed through judicious use of x-rays to examine the lungs or other organs.
  • Screen For DiseaseCertain types of cancer can be screened for and detected using x-rays, making them a valuable preventative tool.

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