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Frequently Asked Questions

Are walk-ins available?

Although we prefer appointments, walk-ins are allowed at our urgent care clinic with the possibility of a short wait depending on existing patient appointments. We recommend that you call us at 818-662-7000 to make a same day appointment.

How much do your services cost?

Our consultation starts at $149.00. Visit our pricing page and add other medical services you’re interested in to your cart. This will give you an estimate of the cost of the visit that you are interested in.

How do I schedule an appointment?

The best way to schedule an appointment is to call our office at 818-662-7000 and book an appointment with one of our outstanding urgent care doctors.

I won’t make my appointment on time. Can I still be seen?

We allow a 15 minute late arrival for patients with appointments. If you’re over 15 minutes your appointment will be canceled.

Do you accept health insurance?

We do not accept most PPO’s as our facility since we have switched to a cash-base model. We do accept many local HMO plans such as Regal/Lakeside and Optum Health. We recommended calling our clinic to verify whether we accept your insurance at 818-662-7000.

What type of imaging do we offer?

At Urgent 9, we have our own imaging center. We are able to offer: Xray, Ultrasound, and CT scan imaging. There are currently very few urgent care centers in the Southern California area that provide all these imaging modalities. Feel free to contact our office at 818-662-7000 for more information. Availability to these services may vary.

Is COVID testing required?

If you present upper respiratory tract COVID like symptoms. then COVID testing is required and you will be isolated from other patients.

What if the doctor wants to do testing and I am not interested?

At Urgent 9, we understand that everyone is entitled to make their own decisions. For sick patients that need a lot of testing, we will attempt to provide options. Some patients might be better served in a county or community emergency room. Others will decide that they do not want much testing or treatment at their own risk. At Urgent 9 we respect the wishes of competent patients, but we may be firm if we think that your health is at risk. We provide as much information so that patients can make well informed decisions.

How fast do lab results come back?

Our urgent care is equipped with its own moderate complexity laboratory with all the same federal oversight as a hospital or big name private laboratory. Since we have our own lab, the turnaround time to get your results can be as little as 15 minutes.

How can I access lab test results?

Most lab results are given to patients at the time of the visit in paper form. In the case that we send out labs to a third party laboratory these labs may take 24 hours and these results will be discussed with the patient via telephone by a licensed provider. These results may be mailed to the patient or faxed through a secure line.

Will I be seen by a doctor or a mid level provider?

We have physicians and physician assistants attending to patients and schedules vary. Rest assured that all cases that involve some degree of complexity will be addressed by a physician either in person or remotely.

Can I come into the clinic near closing time and have access to all the services?

Unfortunately we are not a 24 hour facility and there are closing times. We recommend that sick patients try to come into the clinic as early as possible to avoid the possibility of not being able to get imaging done on the same day or administration of IV fluids due to the urgent care hours. Some of these services take time and are subject to availability. For example, if a sick patient enters our urgent care clinic late in the evening (around closing time), we might have no other choice, but to redirect to higher acuity care. So you are sick, please plan to arrive at our facility as early as possible (around opening time).