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Afraid of the Doctor? Don’t Be!

Feb 2, 2020
afraid of the doctor

Between common phobias around healthcare facilities, as well as the fear that might set in when worrying about your insurance policy, many people delay medical attention they need. Obviously, this reluctance to visit a doctor can prolong symptoms and even potentially worsen known and unknown conditions. Today, we’re looking at some of the reasons you should never be afraid to visit the friendly staff at a local urgent care center in Glendale like Urgent 9!

Fear of Medical Treatment

If the thought of a hospital, urgent care center, or even a waiting room fills you with dread… you’re not alone. Having a mild to moderate phobia of medical facilities or medical treatment in general is a fairly normal condition shared by millions of Americans just like you.

That said, it doesn’t mean that this is a rational — or even beneficial — fear to have. Often, we fear most what is unknown, or what we don’t understand. Our minds race with potential worst-case scenarios, causing a deep association between medical visits and sweaty palm-inducing anxiety. But in reality, if what you’re afraid of is finding out some news about your health that’s less than stellar, it’s so much better to get that information now.

In fact, every day that goes by that you don’t receive medical attention, you potentially dig a deeper hole that can be harder to correct once you finally are seen. As such, even though it can be scary to pick up the phone if you have a fear of the doctor, you should really just rip the band-aid off and do it — right now — to make sure that you are taking charge of your own personal well-being for yourself and your loved ones.

Fear of Medical Costs

If your main reason for putting off medical care or treatment is a financial one, you are also not alone. It’s no secret that the American health care system is utterly broken as it stands today in 2020. Maybe you’re afraid of needing a procedure or test that you can’t afford; or, perhaps your deductibles and co-pays are so outrageous that you don’t even want to shell out for them.

It’s truly tragic that in such a wealthy country, we have so many citizens who avoid a doctor visit they need because they have to save that cash for groceries, tuition, or their mortgage. Unfortunately, insurance companies have made profit, not positive health outcomes, the aim of their business model. As a result, millions of Americans are priced out of even basic medical needs that should be a simple human right.

As each year goes by, American health outcomes become worse, medical debt piles up in dizzying, almost unbelievable quantities, and insurance companies keep posting insane profits. Meanwhile, real families have to frequently make decisions about whether or not they can afford to feel better or treat a chronic condition.

Urgent 9 Takes the Fear Out Of Medicine

At Urgent 9, we’re removing any reason to fear being seen by a doctor. We understand how important it is to provide friendly, approachable, affordable health services to the people of Glendale and the entire Los Angeles area.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been seen by a doctor and you’re stressing about the process, no worries — the incredibly friendly, welcoming, and non-judgmental staff at Urgent 9 will make your visit a low pressure experience that leaves you wondering how you ever felt apprehensive at all. Dr. Momjian and his team know how to make patients feel valued, at ease, and an informed participant in their health care.

If you’re afraid of medical bills you can’t afford, you might be shocked to find out that Urgent 9 sidesteps around the insurance companies entirely. That’s right: we’re on a cash model where we charge reasonable, absolutely affordable prices, for services that you can pay for via cash or credit card. No inflated prices, no monthly premiums or outrageous co-pays — just fair, equitable access to high quality health care.

We believe so strongly in this new future of community medicine, and we invite you to come visit us when you’re ready to take steps to fix your fear of the doctor. We’ll be here waiting with a smile, and your wallet will thank you too.