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When Should You Go To Urgent Care?

Dec 12, 2019
When to go to urgent care?

Urgent Care centers are popping up in just about every neighborhood these days — a sign that communities want a better medical treatment experience than the awful process of being seen by an emergency room. Yet, many people still aren’t sure — when should you go to Urgent Care? What common illnesses can be treated there, and what are the range of non-life threatening conditions that an Urgent Care center is equipped to handle? Let’s explore some of the reasons why Urgent 9 in Glendale is your best bet the next time you need medical attention right now.

What Medical Services Do Urgent Care Centers Provide?

One of the best ways to think about an Urgent Care center is to consider it a friendly neighborhood emergency room that you can visit for anything up to the most traumatic and serious injuries. For the majority of reasons you might want to go seek immediate medical attention — you suspect you broke a bone; you suffered a bad cut; you feel unusually ill and want an instant diagnosis — there’s no reason to subject yourself to a hospital’s emergency room when an Urgent Care center is available.

Emergency rooms are notoriously over-crowded, slow, and often ruinously expensive experiences. Although the medical staff at emergency rooms are doing their best to provide quality medical care, the logistics of being treated there are abysmal. Who wants to wait for 4 or 5 hours (or more!) in a dismal ER waiting room, when you could be seen almost immediately — at a fraction of the cost — in a local Urgent Care?

Urgent 9 in Glendale is a leader in affordable, transparent medical pricing. We believe that you should never let factors like expense determine whether you seek care or not. We’ve worked hard to create a welcoming, community-focused environment that improves upon the traditional emergency room experience in every way.

What Conditions Are Treated At Urgent Care Centers?

If you’ve never been to one before, you might be wondering what symptoms are treated at Urgent Care facilities. So, do Urgent Care centers offer the same array of treatments as an emergency room? Not quite, but you might be surprised at just how many common health issues, acute injuries, and diagnostics can be handled at a high-end Urgent Care facility like Urgent 9 in Glendale.

Think of it this way: Urgent Care centers are equipped to handle anything that’s not immediately life-threatening. Appropriate Urgent Care conditions might include everything from a cough that won’t go away, all the way up to a more serious injury like a laceration, concussion, or broken bone. If you’ve sustained a traumatic injury that is obviously life-threatening without immediate medical attention, you’ll still need to hurry over to your local emergency room. However, Urgent Care centers are designed with the belief that an emergency room shouldn’t need to handle every instance of someone needing immediate medical attention. In other words, if you break your arm, you’re going to be waiting a very long time in the ER as they give priority to more serious cases. At Urgent 9, however, we can tend to your broken arm immediately, and with a much more affordable payment process than the ER’s complicated insurance-centric model.

Do Urgent Care Centers Provide Lab Services?

Now that you know a broad overview of what Urgent Care services exist, you might be wondering whether an Urgent Care can provide lab services such as testing and imaging. This is going to depend greatly on which Urgent Care you visit.

Urgent 9 in Glendale is unique and notable for our full-fledged Imaging Center that offers state-of-the-art lab services to help you get diagnosed… without the massive bill that usually comes along with imaging.

In fact, we’re re-inventing the entire approach to both preventative and acute health care at Urgent 9. In the past, needing extensive lab testing or treatment usually meant a serious financial price tag… meaning that your wallet ended up hurting more than any part of your body. Crucially, this was (and is still) causing people to delay or shrug off medical attention altogether, which is a serious public health problem.

By offering a cash-based pricing model that puts quality health care back in reach of the average person, Urgent 9 is democratizing medicine and empowering everyday people to get the testing, treatment, and one-on-one medical care that they deserve. Everyone has a right to be treated for a health problem that’s bothering them, without having to risk financial ruin or hardship as an unexpected side effect.

Visit Urgent 9 the next time you need to be treated, and chances are you’ll never default to an ER visit again the next time you or your family need to be seen right away.