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Urgent 9 Celebrates Our 10 Year Anniversary!

Sep 9, 2018

urgent 9 ten year anniversary

Yes, it’s true – Urgent 9 is turning… 10!


It’s official — Urgent 9, Urgent Care Center and its parent company SC Physician Group have been serving the Glendale area for over a decade!

A New Way Forward For Urgent Care

One thing you’ve probably already realized is that Urgent 9 is no ordinary Urgent Care center. It’s more like a small emergency room that focuses on keeping its patients and community satisfied using the golden standard of care: evidence-based medicine and transparent, affordable pricing.

Urgent 9 doesn’t sell unnecessary products or supplements to the public. We do not practice ‘fad medicine’ such as fancy intravenous infusions. We do not get involved in the lucrative field of cosmetic injections and beauty treatment. At Urgent 9, we try to focus on real medicine and getting the right medical diagnosis for our patients.

At Urgent 9, we have brought only the best physicians and diagnostic equipment into our state of the art facility. We have attached a complete imaging center with x-ray, ultrasound, and CT scanning capabilities. Urgent 9 also has its own in-house laboratory with access to basic laboratory testing results within minutes. We believe that testing is vital to making the right diagnosis, and our mission is to get you the right diagnosis in the shortest period of time.


Taking A Stand Against Unfair Billing Practices

There’s another huge thing that makes Urgent 9 different: we’re putting patients first… before insurance companies. We believe that most of the problems plaguing our healthcare system can be traced back to a dysfunctional insurance billing system. That’s why at Urgent 9, we do not base your evaluation and treatments on what insurance companies will pay for, but rather we base it on what is in your best interest. Urgent 9 has been pioneering a new way forward, putting patients back at the center of healthcare — and we have been thriving because of it. Best of all, patients are increasingly realizing that affordable, fair, and transparent cash-based pricing really is the future of healthcare!

We are so proud to announce that Urgent 9 has been serving the Glendale Area for more than 10 years. We believe that we have a model of practice that will withstand the test of time, and we look forward to serving this community for decades to come!